Local Knowledge

A global network of experts. Unsurpassed understanding of local risk factors.

Tailored Solutions

Your interests are unique. Your solutions should be, too.

New Opportunity

In new frontiers, unknown risks are dangerous. Managed risks are opportunities.

Deep Expertise

Analysis built on our experience in government and business.

Thought Leadership

Clear, cutting-edge advice for a complex, ever-changing world.


What We Do

Global Torchlight advises clients across a range of sectors on the full spectrum of political and security risks they face when operating internationally. For both commercial and government clients, whether there is a need to understand new markets and areas of interest or emerging developments in existing ones, we provide solutions.

Our clients choose Global Torchlight as their advisors because of our commitment to providing the tools and information they need to navigate challenges and make effective decisions.

Our Philosophy

We recognize that each client’s interests and risk profile are unique. Our local knowledge and industry expertise provides the foundation for bespoke advice and solutions that safeguard these interests and mitigate these risks.

Our clients know that information is vital, but we believe that it must be accurately analyzed and placed firmly in the context of each client’s particular objectives for its value to be maximized. By positioning our analysis within a deep understanding of those interests, we can fulfill our commitment to ensuring that our products and services inform decision-making and contribute to optimal outcomes for our clients.

We also believe that while identifying the full range of potential risks to a client’s interests is vital, improperly estimating those risks can also result in missed opportunities.  By measuring and forecasting not only the nature but also the magnitude of risk factors, and doing so within the framework of a client’s specific risk exposure, we strive to offer both protection and enhanced awareness of opportunity.

We also believe that identifying risks is critical, but that mitigating them opens the door to new opportunities. Just as failing to understand all relevant risks can lead to substantial and even catastrophic consequences, an inadequate understanding of all local factors can also hide key opportunities that emerge when risks are known, prepared for, and mitigated.

What Sets Us Apart

With experience ranging from the battlefield to the boardroom, we combine powerful intelligence and analytical tools with a deep understanding of our clients’ needs.

We take a holistic approach that fuses our unique backgrounds in corporate legal practice, government intelligence, academia, and the media, leveraging the many tools acquired during decades of cumulative relevant experience in more than fifty countries. We apply a strict analytical framework, developed based on years of government and military intelligence experience, to ensure that no threat goes unidentified. Extensive experience in advising multinational companies on their business activities on five continents ensures that we understand the financial, operational, and reputational impacts each potential threat will have on our clients’ investments. Finally, we leverage our global network of experts with local knowledge and experience to identify and help protect against these risks.

Products + Services

Strategic Advisory

Strategic Advisory

Assistance in understanding, navigating, and mitigating risks throughout the world to safeguard clients’ strategic objectives.

Due Diligence

Due Diligence

Detailed reporting on the events, places, and people our clients need to understand in order to succeed.



Training sessions with key leaders in clients’ organizations to provide the knowledge and tools to identify and mitigate risks.

Bespoke Risk Assessment

Bespoke Risk Assessment

Tailored assessments of full-spectrum political and security risks to clients’ unique interests.


David J. Chmiel

David J. Chmiel

Managing Director – United Kingdom

David J. Chmiel holds an MA from the War Studies Department of King’s College London, an LL.B (Hons) degree from University College London and a BA in Economics and History from the University of Victoria, British Columbia.  He has a particular interest in East and South Asia, Russia and the CIS, as well as issues related to the politicization of international trade and commerce and the regulation of foreign direct investment for national security purposes.

Prior to co-founding Global Torchlight, David spent ten years as a corporate finance lawyer in the London and Chicago offices of a leading global law firm.  His practice focused on advising Fortune 500 companies on their multi-jurisdictional investments, acquisitions, and divestitures.

John C. Amble

John C. Amble

Managing Director – United States

John C. Amble is a former United States Army officer and veteran of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. As an intelligence officer, he served at the Defense Intelligence Agency within the U.S. military’s chief counterterrorism intelligence task force. He is formerly the chief operating officer and managing editor of War on the Rocks, a digital publishing outlet on global security and international affairs. He has professional experience on the issues of terrorism, insurgency, and intelligence, and throughout Africa and the Middle East. He has provided testimony at the invitation of the Canadian House of Commons, has authored or co-authored professional journal articles, books, and op-eds on issues of intelligence and security, and has appeared in print and broadcast media in North America, Europe, and the Middle East.

John holds an MA from the War Studies Department at King’s College London and a BA from the University of Minnesota.



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